Massive space traffic collaboration

We are former European Space Agency engineers and researchers and European Central Bank governance and digital transformation experts building a neutral and transparent space traffic negotiation ecosystem.
We believe in a collaborative, sustainable and safe Earth Orbit.

Building together with:
  • University of Strathclyde
  • Vision Space Technology Gmbh
  • European Space Agency
  • You
European Space Agency
VU Amsterdam - Law Faculty
University of Strathclyde, Intelligent Computational Engineering Lab
University of Strathclyde, Engineering School
University of Strathclyde, Business School

What we do

We decentralize governance with trustless blockchain protocols in important problems where many stakeholders are involved and can work in co-opetition to improve quality of information.

  • Space mission design: tokenization of spacecraft components and requirements
  • Space Traffic Management: decentralized consensus on risks definitions and risks remediation
  • Disaster and emergency response: exchange for automated satellite bidding on disaster insights

Neutral, transparent and decentralized consensus is a must-have in space

  • Space is distributed by design; it is explored by multiple governments simultaneously.
  • Private sector is highly competitive; high market fragmentation requires managing the industrial complex.
  • Constant communication between space assets is hard; distributed consensus offers resilience.
We benefit from European Space Agency grants to support initial development of the Space DAO. Feel free to connect with us.

Be Fantastic

Space DAO

Neutral, Transparent, Sustainable Orbit

To support a sustainable space traffic, a neutral and transparent registry is necessary. It fasten interactions between operators, agencies and regulation authorities in detering and managing space traffic issues. Our proposal is to automate the business logic in collision avoidance negotiations and provide a framework of implementation and testing for space policies and regulations.

  • Phase 01 Distributed consensus for trusted risk assessement

    Many stakeholders participate in monitoring Earth orbit and space assets. Different sensor capabilities and technologies as well as various processing methods from multiple companies and agencies provide a great richness of information. The network creates a distributed consensus by a machine learning inspired method that learn to build confident risk assessements. Rising confidence in collision alerts

    Open Source Application Details for Phase 01
  • When a collision is assessed, operators are incentivized to inter-react. The traditional thinking would impose a rule that works for everyone. Operators, agencies can decide to register the maneuvers decisions with custom applications depending on nature of third parties from very simple rules based on diplomacy to complex multi-output engineering rationale. Transparent and explainable collision resolutions

    Open Source Application Details for Phase 02
  • As former data intelligence researchers at the European Space Operations Center (ESOC), and robotics mission mentors at NASA Frontier Development Lab, we know there is great diversity of Mission Control Systems (MCS). So we ease the integration by various means of data ingestion systems (API, callback, email, ...) formatted and ready to connect. Manoeuvers executions are up to you or your autonomous satellites. Collision avoidance manoeuvers are under your control

    Open Source Space DAO Connectors for Phase 03


it is all about human beings

We are makers, engaged and honest technologists aiming to contribute to progress in space exploration and space governance in fair and ethical ways. Our vision extends beyond our own lives. We develop and contribute to open source assets hoping our actions would outlive us all.

Red Boumghar

Dr. Red Boumghar

Founder and Creative Energy Organizer (CEO)

PhD in Robotics and Embedded System, former Data Intelligence portfolio manager at ECB, former ESA, NASA FDL. AI researcher in SpaceOps.

Jan-Peter Ceglarek

Jan-Peter Ceglarek

Space AI applications and Space System Engineering

Graduate researcher in concurrent engineering at ESALab@ TU Darmstadt, former Payload specialist for the ESA OPS-Sat mission, Polaris-ML contributor and dashboard ninja.

Noel Png

Noel Png

Business and Growth

Space business and operations Jedi, member of the Space Law and Policy Group at SGAC. AI hacker for Earth observation and autonomous satellite constellations.

Ruchi Jindal

Ruchi Jindal

Creative Destruction Lab MBA support

Strategist and customer success expert, Ruchi is our ecosystem champion and MBA candidate on orbit. Venture support via the Creative Destruction Lab - class 2023.

Ivan Aksenov

Ivan Aksenov

ICAgile Certified Professional, PSM certified Scrum Master

Formerly Flight Operations Plan Controller at ESOC for Earth observation with Sentinels 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, Aeolus and orbiters Rosetta, Mars Express, ExoMars TGO. Agile Coach and Jedi to Parametry Team.


Cyber Bot

AI-driven cloud protector. Marie-Cloud is always here monitoring and learning what's happening, making sure our bandwidth is used for space applications.