Blockchain and AI for Space Exploration

We are a daring team of talented makers applying blockchain and AI for organizing services in space. Expanding on-ground cloud to in-space facilities.

European Space Agency
VU Amsterdam - Law Faculty
University of Strathclyde, Intelligent Computational Engineering Lab
University of Strathclyde, Engineering School
University of Strathclyde, Business School

What we do

We decentralize governance with trustless blockchain protocols in important problems where many stakeholders are involved.

  • Space mission design: tokenization of spacecraft components and requirements
  • Space Traffic Management
  • Disaster and emergency response

Decentralization is a must-have in space

  • Space is distributed by design; it is explored by multiple governments simultaneously.
  • Constant communication between space assets is hard; distributed consensus offers resilience.
Accelerate your research in blockchain to evaluate how your organization could become a decentralization autonomous organization (DAO).

Connect with our startup

Cumulus: European Cloud Services

Faster, Cheaper, Greener

To support our space tech and blockchain applications, we build our own cloud infrastructure. Located on the best European Data Centers, we designed it so it could go to space. Optimized, resilient and AI secured, we decided to make it available for you too; deploying your micro-services serverlessly.

Try our AI-on-Sat Lab

Imagine you are a satellite in trouble, autonomously looking for help from other satellites. Consensus in place allows you to send a portion of you operations data to a distributed computing network of satellites. They have different owners and they all participate in a cognitive orbit AI network.

  • Your file is transmitted,
  • AI is ran and verified
  • You receive knowledge


We are makers, engaged and honest technologists aiming to contribute to progress in space exploration and space governance in fair and ethical ways. Our vision extends beyond our own lives. We develop and contribute to open source assets keeping in mind our actions could outlive any lifespan as we know it.

Red Boumghar

Dr. Redouane (Red) Boumghar

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

PhD in Robotics and Embedded System, former Data Intelligence portfolio manager at ECB, former ESA, NASA FDL. AI in SpaceOps.

Shahzad Ameen

Shahzad Ameen

Blockchain Developement Officer, BDO

Versatile language explorer, writes smart contracts for the decentralization of complex autonomous organizations.


Service Bot

Takes care of everyone's microservices in our cloud infrastructure, making sure all services are timely and surely deployed.


Cyber Bot

AI-driven cloud protector. Marie-Cloud is always here monitoring and learning what's happening.